Weather Platform Only Displays The Most Crucial Info

Weather Platform Only Displays The Most Crucial Info

New site from the markers of Dark Sky show you only the most vital statistics.

Betsy Mead
  • 29 march 2013

When you can’t look outside and assess the weather properly, a new website can pick out only what you need to know and present it in an easy to see format. Forecast is a site, and an app, that just predicts the weather, without extra information that you might find on websites or other avenues for checking the outdoors.

Developed by the team behind Dark Sky, the app features a globe and temperature, precipitation and next 24 hours and week predictions, along with weather-related graphics. It’s got a globe and features precipitation patterns for the curious, as well as straightforward text below, but also has data from the past century’s weather patterns.


The site is intended as a more fleshed out iteration of its predecessor, which was only able to inform users when the raindrops would fall, and can be used on virtually all platforms; smartphones, tablets and desktops. A plan to feature “push notifications” is in the works and is expected to be rolled out in the coming months.

Adam Grossman, who helped create the site, said to The Verge, “We’ve gone to inhuman extremes to make feel like a native app.” He also added that he and his crew would like to link up with other weather app developers, to provide the framework for more platforms rather than working on a full service themselves. He also said that he was very hopeful about the future, claiming that “I think we’re going to be really successful on that front.”



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