The concept design features walls that open on hinges to invite nature in.

Retreat homes typically conjure up images of cabins and coziness, and a general reference to nostalgia. Dutch design firm Tjep. didn’t see why that had to be so. They wanted to use technology to create a completely self-sufficient modern retreat that is in harmony with the nature surrounding it. They designed a home, named Isolée, with hinged walls that gives inhabitants the option of having an ‘open’ home with no barrier between them and their environs.

The team approached designing the house as if they were designing a piece of furniture. They wanted something that is seemingly placed in the environment with little disturbance to the nature surrounding it. There is no obvious foundation, rather the house stands upon four legs (as if it were a chair) with the concrete foundation hidden within the legs. In the design representation, it looks as if the house were just placed gently amongst the rocks.

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