Banksy Graffiti Gets Spellchecked To Promote Education

Banksy Graffiti Gets Spellchecked To Promote Education

A new campaign for a British tutoring service has an eye-catching new take on cleaning up grammar and spelling.

Betsy Mead
  • 22 march 2013

The Tutor Crowd, a London based tutoring service, decided to shake things up when it came to promoting their business. Instead of throwing around business cards and covering up walls with giant posters, the company teamed up with Arc, the marketing services arm of the Leo Burnett Group, to go about the process in an unusual way.

The creative agency crafted a campaign which featured The Tutor Crowd ‘correcting’ errors in graffiti works across London in areas such as Brick Lane, Shoreditch and South Bank with paint pens, and marked with stickers bearing The Tutor Crowd’s logo. The initiative, called Take The Classroom To The Streets,’ was written and art directed by Dan Kennard and Ben Smith and will also be vieweable online at It aims to make the tutoring group appear fresh and relevant, and to make education and learning fun, accessible and ‘cool.’  Beri Cheetham, Executive Creative Director at Arc, put it thus:

To change the traditional perception of English tuition, we needed a non-traditional approach. It’s tongue-in-cheek, free and makes people smile. But most importantly, we hope it helps young people engage in grammar and spelling and get support they need.

It’s not just about the art though–the stickers will send parents right through to the website, where they can obtain a free trial for English tuition. Patrick Wilson, founder of The Tutor Crowd, said,

Good spelling and grammar is fundamentally important to young people. But teaching it doesn’t have to be old fashioned and stuffy. We wanted to engage parents and young people alike, and make them realise that online tuition is an option that’s available to try.

Non-Londoners can see a selection of ‘corrections’ in the gallery below.

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