Sponge-Like Keyboard Is Mixer And Instrument In One [Video]

Sponge-Like Keyboard Is Mixer And Instrument In One [Video]

ROLI reveals the Seaboard GRAND at this year's SXSW event.

Yi Chen
  • 15 march 2013

Tech startup ROLI recently revealed the Seaboard GRAND, which will revolutionize the way electronic music is created. The instrument looks like a keyboard, and combines a standard piano with a digital controller.

The Seaboard GRAND includes “keys” that are soft and made from a sponge-like material. The company aims to “bridge the gap between acoustic and digital music” where the instrument produces different pitch, volume, and timbre depending on where the musician places his/her fingertips.


ROLI unveiled the product at this year’s SXSW event and will be taking pre-order in April. The company will only produce 88 Seaboards, where each one will be hand-assembled in its East London studio. Every Seaboard will be marked with an individual note, from A0 to C8.

Watch the video below to see the unique instrument in action.


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