PSFK’s Hot Picks For SXSW Day 2

PSFK’s Hot Picks For SXSW Day 2

Cut through the noise and get the best South by Southwest events, tips, tools and buzz.

Nestor Bailly, PSFK
  • 8 march 2013

Heading to Austin for SXSW? We’ve got you covered. Following up on our day 1 guide yesterday on piggyback rides and lodging in a futuristic ruin, here are more events, tips, launches and fun from SXSW 2013.


We’re excited about this one. PSFK collaborates with Vice to turn our Future of Work report on its head with a range of classes focusing on the dark arts of getting things done…or not.

On March 8th:

Subversive University – Life lessons in subversion, Day 1. Temporarily cloaking your online persona, you miscreant.

Subversive University – Lessons in workplace subversion, Day 1. Steal your boss’ job: Go to jail, come out with your boss’ job.

On March 9th:

Subversive University – Life lessons in subversion, Day 2. Build a Rube-Goldberg death trap for maximum procrastination.

Subversive University – Lessons in workplace subversion, Day 2. How anarcho-syndicalism can get you a free market raise.

RSVP here and learn something new in these most unusual of self-improvement classes.


Love memes? Swing by Mashable House for a chance to meet not only the creator of the iconic Nyan Cat, Christopher Torres, but the real ‘Grumpy Cat’ and ‘Scumbag Steve.’ You can get Nyan Cat tattoos between 2pm and 4pm on March 8th and 10th, and see Scumbag Steve’s ‘performances’ at 4pm on March 8th and 9th. Just think how ‘jealous’ all your friends will be of your meme-tastic photo ops.

Walter SXSW

JWT is tapping into the startup culture of SXSW and launching a pop-up marketing agency called Walter that will only exist for the 5 days of SXSWi. During that short time they aim to create full marketing strategies for two emerging startups. Read more about this unique venture here.


What’s happening around you? What are your friends doing and where can the best taco be found? Check out Foursquare’s Guide to SXSW for all these and more, then for other…esoteric tips, read up on other people’s experiences on this reddit thread. Once the sun sets let your inner diva shine at the RVIP lounge, a karaoke party in a bus. Hop on and have fun at one of these scheduled stops.


If you feel like meeting some people and being productive, check out the Tumblr meetup next weekend. There’s plenty of time before then to stop by a SXSW Create session, where makers and hackers will come together to explore how new technologies have democratized industries traditionally the realm of giant corporations.

Any hot tips and events we missed? Let us know on Twitter!


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