Interactive Visualization Show The Trends In TEDx Talks [Video]

Interactive Visualization Show The Trends In TEDx Talks [Video]

Animated data on how TEDx Talks from around the world connect.

Daniela Walker
  • 4 march 2013

There are a lot of TEDTalks on the internet, and with the TED2013 Conference going on in Long Beach, Calif. right now, there are more being uploaded everyday. Since the non-profit organization began streaming the talks on the internet in 2006 over 1 billion people have watched these diverse inspirational and aspirational videos. There are so many topics covered, it is difficult to see any connection, but Eric Berlow of Vibrant Data Labs and Sean Gourley of Quid sought to do just that by creating a visualization of how TEDx Talks (TED talks that are organized independently in various locales) overlap, and how global ideas connect.

Gourley and Berlow created a data visualization using 25% of the 25,000 TEDx Talks to explore the TEDx ecosystem. The visualization divides the talks into categories and subcategories to demonstrate how subjects overlap and also who intereacts with which types of talks. For instance, their data analysis shows that women between 24-35 tend to watch entrepreneurial talks more while men prefer health, gaming and social internet talks.

According to Berlow and Gourley, the most popular TEDx Talk in their study was a TEDxSF Talk on gratitude, while the outlier (the one with the least connection) at TEDxWoodsHole, by environmental artist, Colleen Flanagan on her living sea sculpture.

The whole point of TEDx is to spread ideas globally. Gourley and Berlow’s visualization gives us a useful idea of just which ideas are spreading and where.

You can check out the animated visualization below:


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