Bracelet Lets Users See Text Messages Light Up On Their Wrist

Bracelet Lets Users See Text Messages Light Up On Their Wrist

Innovative Kickstarter translates updates onto a wearable display.

Betsy Mead
  • 28 march 2013

Your wrist may already be hankering for Embrace+, a gadget that we wrote about earlier, which hooks up to your device to display any incoming messages and notifications as blinking lights. There’s another project in the works, which goes one up on that–LinkMe.

Instead of merely letting you know if you have messages, this gadget will actually display the messages for you in lights. The Kickstarter page alleges that its battery life is pretty good, so hopefully it won’t run out mid-sentence.


The project began as an idea in 2011 and was developed by Matt Sandy, Colin Glaum and Tim Goldburt.  Matt worked with start-ups after graduating from Columbia University’s MBA program, Colin has served as creative director for a number of leading companies and Tim has spent thirty years inventing and creating, particularly with display technologies, so all three have had experience in the tech/consumer world in some capacity.

The bracelet-tech market is definitely becoming pretty crowded, with sync-devices such as these two in the running, as well as offerings from more established brands like Apple and Samsung in the works, and fitness-orientated gizmos like Fuelband looking for room.

However, LinkMe seems to be garnering significant attention. While its target goal is $100,000, it still has about 5 weeks to get there from the current amount pledged. Plus, Rapper 50 Cent offered his wisdom as the team developed the campaign.


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