Device Prevents Driving While Phone Is In Use

Device Prevents Driving While Phone Is In Use

'ORIGOSafe' prevents a car from being started unless the driver's phone is placed in the docking station.

Emma Hutchings
  • 18 march 2013

ORIGOSafe prevents drivers from starting the car unless their smartphone is placed in the docking station installed in the vehicle’s center console. It aims to help drivers stay safe on the road and not text and drive.

Gizmag reports that the system charges the phone as the vehicle is driven along and allows the driver to make and receive calls via Bluetooth. If the phone is removed while driving, an alarm will be triggered and the system administrator (a parent or safety manager) will be alerted.

Device Prevents Driving While Phone Is In Use

The user will then be shut out of the system and unable to start the car on their next trip unless the administrator unlocks it. ORIGOSafe is available for preorder at a price of $279 plus installation. ORIGO’s founder, Clay Skelton, said:

ORIGOSafe was developed to give parents and safety managers peace of mind, knowing that their drivers are safe and focused on the road, and aren’t a danger to themselves or others. With highway deaths seemingly on the rise, particularly among teens, it’s clear that the concern for safety isn’t enough to stop this deadly driving behavior. There has to be an outside force to incite change. By taking the phone out of the driver’s hands – but not preventing making and receiving calls – ORIGO can reduce crashes, increase safety and improve the performance of drivers.

You can check out the video for ORIGOSafe below:


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