Tokyo’s Coffin Apartments Have People Sleeping In Drawers [Pics]

Tokyo’s Coffin Apartments Have People Sleeping In Drawers [Pics]
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These windowless ‘geki-sema share houses’ in Japan have room for little apart from a bed.

Emma Hutchings
  • 5 march 2013

The ‘geki-sema share houses’ in Tokyo, Japan are tiny apartments that don’t have room for much except for sleeping. A lot smaller than New York’s micro-apartments, they provide space for those who don’t spend a lot of time in their home.

Tokyo's Tiny Apartments Look Like Coffins In A Mausoleum [Pics]

The coffin-sized apartments are arranged like drawers in a mausoleum, with residents climbing in and out of their boxes on one large facade. They provide housing for young, single professionals who spend most of their time at work. The claustrophobic apartments are windowless and can just about fit one person along with a few of their belongings.

NY Daily News reports that there is a communal toilet and bath in the building for the residents, and the rent (which includes heat and electricity) is $586 a month. Click through to see pictures of the tiny apartments in Tokyo:

Geki-Sema Share Houses

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