Traveling Agency Completes Job In 48 Hrs Before Taking Off To Next Client [Video]

Traveling Agency Completes Job In 48 Hrs Before Taking Off To Next Client [Video]

Pop-Up Agency work on a brief for a short time before moving on to the next client.

Yi Chen
  • 22 march 2013

The Pop-Up Agency was started by six creative students to meet the ad hoc needs of digital projects. Instead of basing the agency in just one location, the team travels to its clients in different cities to work on 48-hour projects.

Before traveling to the client, the Pop-Up Agency takes a brief before working for 48 hours at the client’s office to create, strategize and deliver. Once the 48 hours are up, the agency moves on to the next location. Already, the agency has attracted clients like AIAIAI.


The company explains how the concept came up in the first place:

When we started our study at Hyper Island we decided we wanted to do some side projects. Because we are in school from Monday till Friday we had to came up with a solution. This solution was doing 48-hour projects in our weekends… The experiment is about popping up around the world for 15 weeks in 15 different countries to work for 48-hour projects.

The need to react quickly to a client’s digital demands has seen agencies working with tight deadlines and rapid turnarounds. Recently,  we saw the launch of the World’s Fastest Agency where a team of creatives will turn a briefing into an idea within 24 hours — and it’s all done via Twitter.

Watch the video below to see how the Pop-Up Agency works:

Pop-Up Agency

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