Tumblr Doubles As DIY Cookbook With Video Demos

Tumblr Doubles As DIY Cookbook With Video Demos

An inspirational recipe destination shows how Tumblr is continuing to solidify its offering for brands.

Plus Aziz
  • 12 march 2013

‘Now You’re Cooking’ is a Tumblr-based blog guided by the belief that recipe books are less useful than they use to be. People are increasingly leveraging mobile devices, image platforms, and their peers for recipe recommendations and instructions. The customized blog was launched on behalf of luxury appliances brand Electrolux to bring food lovers together globally.

The blog is developed by creative agency House of Radon for Electrolux to deliver a series of Tumblr-hosted recipe films and behind-the-scenes content. Each film can be set to cooking-mode so users can cook-along with a chef and learn new skills/methods thanks to in-video text that guides the viewer through the cooking process. Featured films are set alongside inspirational imagery and witty quotes that reinforce a mood and attitude.

Having secured over 330,000 followers (a number reported by House of Radon), the blog is a reminder of the flexibility of Tumblr as a brand-friendly platform. With this site, Electrolux joins a slew of other brands that have leveraged the blogging platform for their campaigns, a sign of Tumblr’s own commitment to brand engagement and Electrolux own efforts in adapting to changing consumer behavior.

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