Agency Creates Twitter Sing-A-Long To Band’s Latest Single

Agency Creates Twitter Sing-A-Long To Band’s Latest Single

To promote its new album, Rumor partnered up with 360i to create a website that sources tweets based on the song lyrics.

Francis Bea
  • 21 march 2013

Bands in the 21st century are gearing up with the latest technologies and finding creative ways to promote their music. Brooklyn rock band Rumors made up of childhood friends John Paul Frank and Matty Gaffney have teamed up with the imaginative digital agency 360i to develop a sing along on a Web-based platform for the karoke lovers among us called Rumors Tweetalong.

With the first single titled ‘Slow Down’ off of Rumors’ latest album, XOXO, visitors to the site can enjoy the single free of charge as it streams the lyrics and across the screen. Rumors Tweetalong encourages visitors to sing along, which if you think about it is clever on 360i’s part. Sing along and there’s a good chance listeners-turned-singers will have the song stuck in their head or at least recall the band’s name.


To make the site relevant to today’s connected world, accompanying the single are tweets that contain specific words from the lyrics that have been hashtagged. The tweets that pop up every time a word is sung are completely random, so there are instances where promotional tweets about a Louis Vuitton bag sale will surface.

To pause the track in case you’re curious enough to read the tweets, simply drag your cursor over the lyrics. Click on the hashtagged words to open up the source of the tweet in a new page.


‘Slow Down’ plays just once through and by the end of the song a list of all the credited tweeters whose tweets have been used are displayed. Because the tweets are pulled randomly, the list of credits changes after each play.

An inconvenience visitors will have to come to terms with is the absence of a pause and play button. To replay the track again, the page needs to be refreshed.

Rumors Tweetalong is reminiscent of The XX and their collaboration with Microsoft to promote their sophomore album ‘Coexist’ back in September. The entire album was put up online where it streamed for free leading up to the official debut and visitors could watch the virality of the site on a digital map as the URL was being shared all around the world.

360i has been at the forefront of digital creativity in an effort to promote and even propel brands to fit into consumer’s rapidly evolving digital lifestyles. To fit the scope of the changing consumer landscape, many of its campaigns are rooted in social media and data. For example the company spearheaded Coca-Cola’s Freestyle dispenser launch by familiarizing customers with the machine, albeit a digital version, before the physical dispenser rolled out to the public. Based on the numbers, what the company is doing right now is working. It boats a 95 percent retention rate, with 15 percent boost in revenue to $600 million in 2012.


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