Urban Coffee Farm Pops Up In The Middle Of Melbourne [Pics]

Urban Coffee Farm Pops Up In The Middle Of Melbourne [Pics]
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Australian design firm HASSELL created the centerpiece of this year's Food and Wine Festival.

Emma Hutchings
  • 13 march 2013

The Urban Coffee Farm and Brew Bar brings coffee trees to the edge of Melbourne’s central business district. Created by Australian design firm HASSELL for the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, it will be the centerpiece of the event, which runs until March 17th.

125 coffee trees have transformed the ‘Red Stairs,’ a public amphitheatre on the banks of the River Yarra, into a terraced coffee farm. Shipping containers, timber pallets and packing crates have also been added to demonstrate the journey that coffee beans take. Visitors can sit among the trees while sipping their coffee, creating a unique experience.

An Urban Coffee Farm In The Middle Of Melbourne [Pics]

The inspiration for the Urban Coffee Farm and Brew Bar came from “a desire to evoke the still somewhat mysterious and exotic geographies associated with the source of coffee.” The firm hopes it gets coffee drinkers thinking about its origins, production, and transport.

Click through to see pictures of the Urban Coffee Farm and Brew Bar and check out the video below to learn more about the concept and design process from the HASSELL project team:



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