Fruit & Vegetables Substituted For Musical Instruments [Video]

Fruit & Vegetables Substituted For Musical Instruments [Video]

Brooklyn-based producer/remixer Jonathan Dagan used a MaKey MaKey and various foods to create a rendition of Massive Attack's 'Teardrop'.

Emma Hutchings
  • 20 march 2013

Brooklyn-based producer/remixer Jonathan Dagan (J.Viewz) recently took advantage of the MaKey MaKey, an invention kit that can translate electricity signals into keyboard signals, allowing anyone to create music using any objects.

Substituting Musical Instruments For Fruit & Vegetables [Video]

Dagan did it with fruit and vegetables, wiring up mushrooms, grapes, strawberries, an eggplant, a carrot and kiwi to the kit. They each corresponded to various samples, and tapping them completed the circuit, allowing him to play them as musical instruments.

So when he touched the eggplants, it created the sound of the kick drum, and when he tapped the grapes, the bells could be heard. You can check out Dagan’s unique version of Massive Attack’s track ‘Teardrop’ in the video below:


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