Springwise: Virtual Job Interviewer Lets Candidates Practice Ahead Of Time

Springwise: Virtual Job Interviewer Lets Candidates Practice Ahead Of Time

Jizen helps potential applicants prepare by monitoring their physiological signs, and providing techniques to moderate nervous body language.

Dory Carr-Harris, PSFK
  • 19 march 2013

We’ve already seen interviews being conducted remotely over video streaming through the Ovia platform, potentially providing a more relaxing experience for candidates. Now Jizen is a tool to help them prepare by monitoring physiological signs during a virtual interview, with the aim of training them to control their body language.

Created by France-based 3D developer I-maginer using its OpenSpace3D technology, Jizen uses a webcam – along with a number of sensors – to detect facial expression, heart rate and breathing. The behavior of the virtual interviewer can be configured to ask easy or difficult questions, and candidates’ responses are analysed in real time, determining the interviewer’s actions. At the end of a session, the interview is played back, with a virtual avatar recreating their body language while offering information on changing heartbeat and breathing patterns. The aim is to help interviewees learn when they may be giving off signals of nervousness and discover what types of questions they become more anxious about.

The team behind Jizen hopes to expand the service to provide public speaking, stress management or medical applications and has already been named as one of Netexplo’s 100 outstanding innovations for 2013. With virtual reality technology becoming ever more advanced, could new digital alternatives help companies cut their training spend?


Spotted by: Alexia M

Originally published on Springwise, republished with kind permission.

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