Virtual Reality Treadmill Turns User’s Legs Into Game Controllers

Virtual Reality Treadmill Turns User’s Legs Into Game Controllers

The Omni by Virtuix enables users to walk around freely in virtual environments, playing a game while also exercising.

Emma Hutchings
  • 5 march 2013

The Virtuix Omni rethinks the traditional treadmill design by making the one-direction exercise machine omnidirectional for interactive gameplay. It would enable players to actually walk or run through a game rather than advance using gaming controls. This would create a more immersive experience and, as an added benefit, provide gamers with a source of exercise.

DVICE notes that the current prototype seems to use a hacked Kinect and a head-mounted display with built-in head-tracking. Virtuix has released videos showing the system being used with PC games Skyrim and Crysis Warhead.

Virtual Reality Treadmill Turns Gamers' Legs Into Controllers

The Omni is described as an “affordable” device for consumers that fits into a living room and enables them to walk freely in virtual environments. According to the website:

Applications of omni-directional movement in virtual reality stretch far beyond gaming: training and simulation, fitness and exercising, virtual tourism, virtual tradeshows and events, virtual meet-ups and multi-person adventures, virtual workplaces, virtual museums, physical therapy, VR architecture, VR concerts, etc.  The possibilities are limitless.  Virtual reality is the future.

Virtuix is planning to launch the Omni soon through a Kickstarter campaign. You can see it being used for Skyrim in the video below:

Virtuix Omni

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