Founder of cultural think-tank Grossman and Partners, publisher of the Zeitguide, takes a closer look into how to best channel one's mental energies into greater creativity and efficiency.

What keeps creative people at the top of their game? Brad Grossman, of ‘cultural think-tank’ Grossman and Partners, shares a few ideas with PSFK featured in their publication The Zeitguide. In the third and final of our series of posts, we look at how by channeling our energy we can actually become more creative.

That was just one of the intriguing things we discovered while writing the 2013 Zeitguide, Grossman & Partner’s annual examination of the most vital cultural conversations underway in everything from food to finance. Research is revealing that our minds are much more malleable than previously believed. We can change our habits, create new thinking patterns, and tame counterproductive distraction.

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