Hotels Sell Local Water In Yves Behar Designed Bottle

Hotels Sell Local Water In Yves Behar Designed Bottle
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Whole World Water project encourages hotels to filter water on site.

Emma Hutchings
  • 25 march 2013

Designer Yves Behar’s studio, fuseproject, has designed a glass water bottle to be used by hotels for a new social enterprise. ‘Whole World Water’ replaces expensive imported waters by connecting them with local companies for on-site filtration.

These filtered, reusable bottles can be sold by the hotel to generate revenue, with 10% of proceeds going to programs that benefit those without access to clean drinking water. The studio created a bold and simple bottle design, embossed with a recognizable wave-like logo that communicates the message of sustainability and provides a tactile grip.

Yves Behar's Fuseproject Designs Glass Water Bottle For Hotels [Pics]

The bottle’s form aims to express the enterprise’s clear proposition and the purity of the filtered water. They are made of extra thick glass so they can withstand many cycles of washing and re-use. The reusable cap is made of recycled aluminum plastic and has the logo debossed in its surface.

Related booklets have also been produced, which include facts and figures about the charitable cause laid out in clear and inspiring ways. Click through to see pictures of the design for the water bottle and additional materials:


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