On-Demand 3D Printed Food Is A Near Future Reality

On-Demand 3D Printed Food Is A Near Future Reality

Designer comes one step closer Star Trek's vision of a machine that zaps your meal into existence.

Ross Brooks
  • 2 april 2013

3D printing gets better and better with every passing day – so good that there may come a point you can use it to print your food. You could choose exactly what ingredients you want to have in your meal and know it will be just how you imagined.

Janne Kyttanen is the co-founder of a design studio called Freedom of Creation and that’s exactly what he’s trying to achieve with his latest experiments involving 3D printing. We’ve talked about cupcakes and pasta before on PSFK but Janne’s latest experiments with plastic and plaster could open the way to more complex recipes.

The innovation currently works by combining stripped down liquids and powders with the 3D printer , so that, theoretically, users can create whatever foods they wish for. The project is still in development but once once things have reached a point when molecules and atoms can be manipulated, he says that there are really no limits to what could be achieved.

Convincing businesses that 3D printing can be a commercial venture is another goal which could really accelerate things in the world of printing your own food. Kyttanen previously mentioned that printing items at home could actually help cut expenditures, which might apply to food, but getting corporations on board is a different matter. He suggested that a novelty spin might draw commercial interest, giving the example of  perhaps joining up with a luxury chocolate brand to allow consumers to get “their own head scanned and printed as a chocolate cake.”

Once all of this happens you could print your very own kangaroo meat burger with Shitake mushrooms and Szechuan peppers. Something that might require a little more effort to achieve the way things currently are.

Janne Kyttanen

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