Ghostly Photos Of Abandoned Theme Parks

Ghostly Photos Of Abandoned Theme Parks

Website takes a look at erstwhile hubs of fun in unnerving gallery, underlining how quickly an environment can change.

Betsy Mead
  • 2 april 2013

Derelict places once bursting with the happy laugher of children (and adults) can conjure up ghostly thoughts and memories of episodes from ‘Goosebumps’ and shows of that ilk. Architizer has compiled a gallery of once-lively places, which can be found across the globe from Japan to Louisiana.


Disney’s Discovery Island closed in 1999 and is a no-go area for visitors to Disney world. It was allegedly a precursor to the park’s current venue ‘Animal Kingdom.’


This carousel is located in a theme park in Pripyat, the abandoned town near the site of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. For obvious reasons, namely radiation, it has not seen many, if any, visitors since the event.


The remains of the Comet Rollercoaster in Lincoln Park in Massachusetts hark back to when the structure was active, until 1987. It was razed in 2012.


Berlin was home to Spreepark, which aimed to be a hub of fun an excitement. However, financial difficulties faced by the company caused it to close down in 2002 and it has lain waste ever since.


The Chippewa Lake Amusement Park in Ohio was shut in 1978 and demolished in 2009, but photos of the once-lively hotspot are still haunting to the viewer.


Hurricane Katrina forced the Six Flags park in New Orleans to close its doors, for evident reasons, but the attraction was never re-opened to the public and lies empty.


An abandoned amusement park is eerie in itself and the effect is magnified when a large figure of Gulliver is involved. Gulliver’s Kingdom, located in Japan, could not attract enough popular interest, shut in 2001 and was torn down just 6 years later.


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