ABC Designs Social, Interactive Sitcom Laugh Track

ABC Designs Social, Interactive Sitcom Laugh Track

The Social Soundtracker app creates a new active experience of watching TV online.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 30 april 2013

ABC News has come out with a web-based and mobile app that lets users create their own audience track while watching live TV. The Social Soundtracker app translates what users feel about a show or movie into sound so it would seem like they’re watching live TV with other people even if they’re alone in the room.

The app can be used on a mobile device if you’re watching live TV or on a laptop or computer if you’re watching a livestream. Users sign in via Facebook and can see who of their friends is using the app at the same time. Users can also add future shows to their calendar.


App users can express how they feel at certain scenes or moments by clicking on any of the emoticons on the app.  When a big percentage of people watching the same show expresses the same emotion, the user will hear a sound reflecting that emotion. Let’s say a big number of people are laughing, then the user will hear audience laughter. If a lot of people are booing, then the user will hear a lot of boos from the virtual audience.


The web-based version is launching first and the iPhone version will be launching in May.

Check out the video below to see how Social Soundtracker works.

Social Soundtracker

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