Skincare Brand Imagines The Future Of Spa Treatments [Video]

Skincare Brand Imagines The Future Of Spa Treatments [Video]

Aēsop commissioned Lucy McCrae to create a short film which artfully suggests that super-sensory procedures will be the way to pamper.

Emma Hutchings
  • 24 april 2013

Artist Lucy McRae, who has explored swallowable perfume and genetic manipulation, was commissioned by the Australian skincare brand Aēsop to create a short film for its website relaunch. Morphē artfully suggests a future of super-sensory beauty treatments that pair indulgence with a laboratory sensibility.

Lucy McRae’s Futuristic Vision Of Beauty Treatments For Aēsop [Video]

For the film, an old Amsterdam church was transformed into a meticulously ordered space that references Aēsop’s laboratory. A scientist is seen employing an assortment of gels, liquids, and weird contraptions to minister arcane beauty treatments to a sleeping woman.

Morphē was inspired by the nineteenth-century scientist Hermann von Helmholtz, who wrote that “Everything is an event on the skin.” McRae suggests a journey inside a world beyond skin care, which involves farther realms of perception within the sensory landscape of the human body. You can watch the short film below:

Lucy McRae

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