Android App Can Hack Into An Airplane’s Systems

Android App Can Hack Into An Airplane’s Systems

PlaneSploit was developed by security consultant Hugo Teso to show the flaws in the current technology.

Emma Hutchings
  • 19 april 2013

Hugo Teso, who works as a security consultant in Germany, has developed an app that he claims can take control of an airplane’s systems. ‘PlaneSploit’, which runs on Android, was demonstrated at the Hack In The Box conference in Amsterdam.

Android App To Hack Into Airplane Systems

Teso created the app to bring to light the glaring security flaws in plane systems so that something might be done about it. He claims it can remotely attack and control certain elements of a plane’s flight systems, enabling a hacker to command the plane. Bloomberg Businessweek notes that the FAA has issued a response that states:

The FAA has determined that the hacking technique described during a recent computer security conference does not pose a flight safety concern because it does not work on certified flight hardware. The described technique cannot engage or control the aircraft’s autopilot system using the FMS or prevent a pilot from overriding the autopilot. Therefore, a hacker cannot obtain ‘full control of an aircraft,’ as the technology consultant has claimed.

Aircraft Hacking

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