Next iPhone Could Have A Wrap-Around Display

Next iPhone Could Have A Wrap-Around Display

Patent suggests that alternative interfaces could be employed for the next generation of Apple devices.

Ross Brooks
  • 1 april 2013

Maybe you were a little bit disappointed with the iPhone 5? It seemed the only noticeable difference was a slightly longer screen. If so, the fact the tech giant has filed a patent or two for a phone with a wrap-around display should excite you greatly.

The phone would likely have a body made entirely of glass, with the screen wrapping all the way around the phone. This would  provide a lot more space for keeping multiple apps open, viewing pictures or any multi-tasking you regularly undertake. If you already have times where getting the phone to recognise which way up you are (vertical or horizontal), then this could present a whole new set of challenges. Imagine trying to run around your own phone for it to recognise where you actually are!

As other technology advances, such as facial recognition and better motion detection systems, it’s unlikely to be a problem, but the thought is quite amusing at least.

Apple has some stiff competition these days and it wouldn’t be wise for them to rest on their laurels. Having a patent filed is one thing, but acting on a patent and getting something into the hands of your customers is another issue entirely. When you take into consideration LG and Samsung have already demoed some early prototypes for flexible screens, Apple can’t afford to be the last one to market.


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