A Sneak Peek Inside Apple’s Pop Up Museum

A Sneak Peek Inside Apple’s Pop Up Museum
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Traveling exhibit features the company’s history and hardware in a 6000 square foot display.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 11 april 2013

The Apple Pop-Up Museum is a traveling exhibit that tells the story of the tech company while featuring an exclusive collection of Apple products from its founding to the present. The museum isn’t completely done just yet and is set to exhibit from April 20th to the 21st in Atlanta as part of the Vintage Computer Festival Southeast event, but popular Apple blog 512Pixel was given a preview by Lonnie Mimms, who owns the collection.

The museum is a 6,000 square foot display of Apple products from the very first computer to the latest Mac. Mimms is not your average Apple collector as his collection includes supercomputers, notebooks, iPods, and every significant product going back to as far as four decades.  All of these items will be part of the display. Aside from the Apple products, pieces of the company’s history will also be exhibited. Even the Lost Altos garage where it all started will be recreated, complete with prints of what the workstations looked like.

Among the museum’s most significant products that will be displayed is the original 128K Macintosh, which will be set up to allow visitors to play Through The Looking Glass, the very first game on Macintosh. Another iconic product included in the museum is the 20th Anniversary Mac.

The museum is built to be mobile and easy to assemble so that it can be set up anywhere.  Aside from Mimms, the pop-up museum team includes Thereze Almström, the curator and exhibition designer, Jannelle Mimms-Brockway, photographer and graphics designer, and Agneta Mimms, content writer and all-round assistant.

Apple Pop-Up Museum

Source: 512Pixel

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