Apple And Volkswagen Co-Launch The iBeetle

Apple And Volkswagen Co-Launch The iBeetle

The car brand and tech company team up to integrate the iPhone with the classic car.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 24 april 2013

Apple and Volkswagen have partnered to bring two iconic products together, the Beetle and the iPhone, into a new car model called the iBeetle. The car brand has come out with a new model line that can be paired with the iPhone through an app and docking station that were specially developed for the model.

Volkswagen provides its customers with two options to have the interface between the iPhone and Beetle–as an app or as a standard feature of the car variants, the iBeetle or iBeetle Convertible. The iPhone can fit securely into the specially-developed docking station and all of its functions can be used in the Beetle. Users can use the device to make hands-free calls, navigate, listen to music, among other things.

When the Beetle app is launched, the iPhone can be paired wirelessly or via the docking station. The app has several functions which include Spotify for listening to the radio or music, Expert for turning the iPhone into an extended instrument like a G-meter and chronometer, Trainer for finding the best routes or comparing travel times to different destinations, Reader which lists the latest Facebook and iPhone messages, Postcard for sending the Beetle’s current location, Photo for sending pictures to social networking sites, and Milestones which gives virtual rewards for completed tasks and is available when the iPhone is undocked.

The iBeetle, the app and docking station make their debut at the 2013 Shanghai Auto Show. The car model will be available to the public in early 2014.




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