Another April Fools’ Day On The Internet

Another April Fools’ Day On The Internet

A roundup of the best April Fools pranks, including Google Nose and Vimeow.

Betsy Mead
  • 1 april 2013

PSFK scoured the net to find the funniest pranks of 2013, and came up with a few choice picks for you to laugh your way through, from Google’s olfactory tech to Vimeo’s cat-centric service.

Google Nose

Google’s prank is nothing to be sniffed at. A whole microsite is devoted to showing how the ‘scentsation’ technology works, and links to a variety of smelly things like diapers, durian and airport terminals.



What’s life like without vowels? The social media network did away with AEIOU and sometimes Y, but compensated by adding an extra character. Hppy Prl Fls Dy!

Guardian Goggles

Guardian Glasses

The British newspaper is known for its leftist slant, and chose to spread its vision by introducing spectacles to color the world with its trademark liberal insight. It even blocks out opinions in other newspapers!


YouTube has a long and illustrious history as a platform for the hilarious, fascinating and simply bizarre. This year, the site decided to reveal its true nature as a contest for the best video ever, with the winner to be announced in…ten years. Good luck.



Cute animals draw hits, and cat lovers are passionate about their little fur balls. Vimeo decided to cash in on both these pieces of urban wisdom by crafting a home page dedicated entirely to fluffy felines.



The online streaming site pays homage to classic fictional shows like Numberwang!, Ya’ Heard? with Perd, Space Teens and more.

And here some more 2013 Internet Pranks, via Buzz60:

Happy April Fool’s Day!

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