Durable Road Bike Made Entirely Of Bamboo

Durable Road Bike Made Entirely Of Bamboo
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Bamboobee creates a unique riding experience by fusing raw, natural materials with technology and affordability.

Ryan Rowe
  • 4 april 2013

Bamboobee is a Singapore-based bicycle company that combines modern technology with raw material, offering consumers customization and affordability.

“Inspired by nature, providing you a coolness factor along the road;” Bamboobee bicycles are individually built by trained artisans with hand-selected bamboo by creator, Sunny Chuah, who was moved to action after cycling around the world on trip spanning over three thousand miles on his own handmade bicycle.

After perfecting a design, Chuah spent three years finding the right bamboo and training craftsmen to release the Bamboobee this spring.

The Bamboobee Lifestyle Bicycle is a bicycle with a bamboo frame that uses a trademarked environmentally friendly process that infuses bamboo pieces with honey, ensuring a stable and easy-riding experience.  However, it must be emphasized that this is a lifestyle bike, not for racers or thrill-junkies bombing mountainsides.

All Bamboobee bicycles are custom made with an option of three different types of bamboo, hand-selected joints and even personal engraving, coming equipped with a 10 year warranty and certified by international bicycle standards.

The Bamboobee is also integrated with GPS options as well as a security system that sends an SMS alert to cyclists away from their bicycles when a vibration triggers the alarm system to alert the Bamboobee owner that the bike may have been taken.

A Kickstarter pledge of $600 will get backers the most basic of the six current models, a fully built single-speed Bamboobee Revolution bicycle (a $1,050 retail value), before shipping and handling ($199), but customers have the ability to further customize and add high-quality components.  The the Revolution Nuvinci model comes with a NuVinci 360 hub with internal gears that shift seamlessly, or customers can fully trick out their Bamboobee with full bamboo accessories like rims and mudguards found on the Revolution Nostalgic.

Bamboobee is not the only bamboo-based bicycle on the market, nor is it the only one on Kickstarter.  However, what differentiates Bamboobee is its affordability as well as its dedication to fusing natural materials with technology, along with the ability to make each bicycle your own.

Bamboobee also intends on branching out and eventually selling bamboo accessories like kickstands, handlebar grips and water bottle holders individually.

The project will be successful if Bamboobee is able to raise $40,000, however creator Sunny Chuah is aiming higher, offering a GPS unit with every bicycle if he is able to raise $600,000, not just the higher-end models.

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