Bank Of America Introduces Video Chat ATMs

Bank Of America Introduces Video Chat ATMs

New cash machines will allow you to talk with a teller and carry out more advanced transactions.

Ross Brooks
  • 8 april 2013

The banking giant is planning to start using ATM’s with built-in video conferencing services. This added feature will allow customers to speak to a teller outside of normal banking hours, as well as carry out transactions which would normally require you to visit a branch in person.

Available hours for the cash machine tellers will be from 7am to 10pm during the week and 8am to 5pm on the weekends. A significantly larger chunk of time available for you to take care of your banking duties.


Additional services you’ll be able to use include cashing a check for it’s exact value and being able to withdraw cash in smaller denominations than the usual $20, right down to $1 increments. The company plans to add additional services over time, which could include cash back for check deposits, splitting a check payment between multiple accounts and making a loan or credit card payment.

Machines with these added features are set to be released in Boston initially, and then rolled out across the US throughout the rest of the year.

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