Infographic Describes The Physical Impossibility Of Looking Like Barbie

Infographic Describes The Physical Impossibility Of Looking Like Barbie
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Data visualization compares a doll-dimensioned woman to the average US female.

Daniela Walker
  • 22 april 2013

The fact that Barbie’s proportions are unrealistic is not breaking news. But to drive the point home, created an infographic that depicts Barbie standing next to a woman of average proportions, to show just how impossible – and undesirable – it is to have Barbie’s body.

Should a real woman have the doll’s body, her waist would only be 16″, half the US average, and would be too small to fit all her vital organs. Real-life Barbie would have to crawl around on all fours since her ankles and child-size feet wouldn’t be able to carry her body weight. Her head would be flopped to the side because her incredibly long and thin neck would snap should she try to support the weight of her disproportionately large cranium. Real-life Barbie is not so pretty, nor envy-inducing.

The infographic accompanies a report on the ‘Epicdemic of Body Hatred’ which shares startling statistics about the pervading culture of weight obsession and the need-to-be-skinny mentality amongst young girls. While Barbie cannot be the only one to blame, the infographic is a helpful reminder of how supposed models of perfection are anything but.


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