Pharma Company HQ Design Based On Contact Lenses [Pics]

Pharma Company HQ Design Based On Contact Lenses [Pics]
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Bausch + Lomb's recently redesigned offices in Poland are inspired by research lab aesthetics and the company's main product.

Emma Hutchings
  • 5 april 2013

Bausch + Lomb’s HQ in Poland was recently redesigned by 137kilo and Beza Projekt. The pharmaceutical company wanted their office space to highlight its scientific heritage, so research labs and contact lenses (their main product) served as the design inspiration.

There is an open layout with white exposed ceilings and glass surfaces, counterbalanced by foliage covering some of the walls and functional solutions that encourage teamwork and relaxation. The plants in the green walls were selected for their ability to purify indoor air and absorb dust.

Pharma Company HQ Design Based On Contact Lenses [Pics]

The open space is punctuated with domes for informal work meetings, which are connected to ventilation and air conditioning systems. Their high-tech inflatable surfaces look like contact lenses, while their internal steel structure provides rigidity and adherence to fire codes.

The four-person workspaces invoke the “+” symbol (an element of the company’s logo) and has a small tree in its center. There is also a “fun room,” which features a library, foosball table, and an adult-size playpen. Click through to see pictures of the Bausch + Lomb HQ:

Bausch + Lomb HQ

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