Ben & Jerry’s Celebrates Local Heroes With Free Ice-Cream

Ben & Jerry’s Celebrates Local Heroes With Free Ice-Cream

A social media campaign aimed to give a new and deeper meaning to Free Cone Day.

Yi Chen
  • 8 april 2013

Every year, Ben & Jerry’s celebrate the opening of their first business by giving away free ice-cream for the whole day on 9 April. To celebrate its birthday in the Netherlands this year, Ben & Jerry’s is asking people to vote for their local heroes via a social media campaign. In return, everyone in the community has the potential to receive sweet treats on Free Cone Day.

The campaign was created by the agency Fitzroy Amsterdam and invited fans with the question, “Who deserves a Free Cone Day?” Users can answer the question by logging on the Facebook app pinpointing their local heroes on a map. These virtual pins then became real-life pins to be “potential Free Cone Day locations and reminders for people to vote for their local hero.”


In each of the 12 regions in the Netherlands, three local heroes will be chosen based on their initiatives and votes. One of the heroes includes a woman who wakes up every three hours to feed neglected and dumped kittens, and has been doing this for the last 30 years. In a press release, Ben & Jerry’s explains that:

The 12 heroes with the highest amount of votes are celebrated by giving them their own Free Cone Day and all the media attention a local celebrity deserves. This way we were able to give new and deeper meaning to Free Cone Day and give back to the community in a very tangible way.

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