Budweiser Releases Bow Tie-Shaped Can

Budweiser Releases Bow Tie-Shaped Can

The humble beer container gets a makeover.

Ross Brooks
  • 18 april 2013

The iconic beer manufacturer is set to release a beer can this Spring that will mirror the shape of it’s logo. The company’s latest innovation comes as an attempt to solidify their reign as one of the world’s most notable brands, something that can’t be compared to every other beer can on the market.

Despite their grand ambitions the beer can will not replace the traditional beer can design, only being available in 8-packs within the US. Even so, the can has been under development since 2010, with significant investments required at both the can-making and packaging facilities around the country.


Making the can itself is a 16-step process, 10 being required to shape the lower half and then an additional 6 to finish off the top half. This particular design was the optimum meeting point of fashion and function, due to the relatively inflexible nature of aluminium.

The bowtie beer can comes as another sign that the company’s plans to continue innovating – their crowdsourced “Black Crown” design being a great example of recent success with a new idea.

Budweiser Bowtie Beer Can

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