Brian Eno Creates Healing Sound Installation For Hospitals

Brian Eno Creates Healing Sound Installation For Hospitals
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Famous musician aims to relax patients with a combination of music and light

Ross Brooks
  • 22 april 2013

Brian Eno‘s music which has been played around the world, including at the opening ceremony of the London Olympics. He is also renowned for his light installations which have been beamed onto the Sydney Opera House. But now, Brian Eno is turning his efforts to something a little more downbeat – an hospital art installation designed to relax patients.


The Montefiore hospital sits in the small town of Hove, in the UK. Even at a small establishment such as this one, the atmosphere can be hectic and stressful, which is exactly why the artist has installed “77 Million Paintings.” A display where color and shapes gently transform and melt into each other across 8 carefully arranged plasma screens.


Software used by the display means that there is an almost never-ending combination of shapes and colors. The hope is that this installation will be able to draw patients, staff and visitors in – calming them in the process.

If this isn’t enough, there is also a slightly more immersive option called “The Quiet Room” – a room featuring Brian’s music along with three panels that continuously change color.

The use of music for healing purposes and immersive therapies is well documented, so it will be good news for those hoping to see these kinds of installations becoming more mainstream, even if this one may only be for the purpose of relaxation.

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