Chrome-Like Web Browser Offers Shopping Rewards [Video]

Chrome-Like Web Browser Offers Shopping Rewards [Video]

Perk gives users reward points for searching the web or purchasing at its retail partners.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 24 april 2013

A new web browser called Perk thinks it’s high time that people get rewarded for doing what they like to do on the internet–surf the web and shop online. This new browser lets its users earn reward points whenever they search the web or shop at one of its online retail partners.

The browser looks a lot like Chrome and has the same functionality, but the big difference is that it rewards users for their loyalty. Just the mere act of searching for something on the web earns users reward points. Purchasing something on one of Perk’s retail partners also lets users earn points. Users can keep track of their points via a button on the browser bar.



Points become usable or “active” after 90 days as a precaution against those who would purchase items just for the points and then return the product after receiving the reward points. Reward points can be redeemed and used to purchase gadgets and prizes, airline miles and cash or gift cards. Users can also use points to participate in Perk’s small raffles that offer gift cards or PayPal cash as prizes.

The Perk browser is free for download and first-timers get at automatic 100 points just for signing up. The mobile version is currently in the works and the company hopes to release it by the next quarter.

Watch the video below for a glimpse at how the browser works.


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