Budweiser Make Drinkers Facebook Friends By Clinking Glasses [VIDEO]

Budweiser Make Drinkers Facebook Friends By Clinking Glasses [VIDEO]

Budweiser Brasil creates the Buddy Cup that is integrated with the social networking site.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 29 april 2013

Budweiser Brasil has created a way to ‘upgrade’ the tradition of toasting drinks. With the new Buddy Cup, Budweiser drinkers can add friends to Facebook just by clinking cups.

The Buddy Cup is fitted with a chip that integrates it with Facebook. The cup holder uses his or her phone to pair their Facebook profile to the cup’s chip. Toasting with another person holding a Buddy Cup means an instant Facebook friend. A red LED confirms the new addition to the person’s list of friends on the social networking site.

According to an article on The Drum, these high tech cups are meant to ‘bring the brand closer to its consumers.’ The cups will be used at events sponsored by the brand.



The clip below shows how the Buddy Cup works.

Budweiser Brasil

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