Digital Roaming Abroad For A Fraction Of The Price

Digital Roaming Abroad For A Fraction Of The Price

Travelers can avoid international charges and associated issues with new top-up SIM card.

Betsy Mead
  • 5 april 2013

People constantly on the move can now edge past the trials and tribulations of international mobile coverage and hijinks with local carriers. Recent launch Doodad, is a free, “pay-as-you-go Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO),” which allows users to get data on their phones without having to pick up new SIM cards at every new country. All that’s required is the Doodad SIM, DOO-DATA credits and, if desired, a plan to ration out how these credits are used.


Doodad can be used on (unlocked) tablet and smartphone platforms and in mini, micro and soon-to-come nano versions. It certainly makes things easier for travelerss zipping in and out of different countries–it is supported in 54–but they may be paying a premium for efficiency. While the service only costs 30 cents per MB in the USA, South Korea and Australia, it can be as costly as $1.20 per MB in Caribbean nations like Anguilla and Jamaica. And of course, when heading to a nation that isn’t covered, a new SIM will be required anyway. In addition, it’s not clear how fast the data will be transmitted. However, as the company tagline goes, “when in roam…” anything is possible.


US based individuals interested in the product can pre-order it from the website at a $3 cost for shipping and handling. 


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