Reused Cooking Oil Could Power 40,000 Homes

Reused Cooking Oil Could Power 40,000 Homes

London's excess fat could be a regular source of electricity in the future.

Ross Brooks
  • 23 april 2013

Utility company 2OC has partnered with Thames Water in the UK to turn the fat clogging many of London’s sewers into electricity for local homes, sewage plants and a desalination station.

The deal is supposedly worth £200m over 20 years and will involved collecting 30 tonnes of fat waste from thousands of restaurants around London. Putting the fat to better use could also save £1 million a month spent on clearing the sewers of regular fat blockages.


Thames Water has agreed to buy a large share of the output from the fat energy to power their sewage works. Being described as “win-win” due to the fact the energy comes from a renewable source, won’t be affected by prices changes in non-renewable energy sources and also helps to deal with fat blockages.

When not in use, the energy will be allowed to enter the national grid, giving Londoners energy produced in London to power their homes, instead of it being sources from elsewhere.


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