Vodka Made From Cow’s Milk

Vodka Made From Cow’s Milk
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An alcoholic drink with a creamy twist could be a new favorite.

Ross Brooks
  • 11 april 2013

Vodka is normally made from grain but one farmer in the UK is trying to change all that by producing vodka made from cow’s milk. PSFK has brought this up in the past when we were given some milk vodka as a one-off gift, but now it seems the trend might be catching on.

Jason Barber, a 47 year old farmer living in Dorset, UK uses his herd of 250 cows to product the infamous Black Cow vodka. The unique alcohol beverage has even got it’s own celebrity following in the form of 007 star Daniel Craig and chef Heston Blumenthal.

The process involves seperating out the cow’s milk into curds and whey. The curds are used for cheese and the whey fermented to make a beer, which undergoes a secret blending process before being triple filtered and bottled. It took Mr. Barber 3 years to get this process down to an art form.


He attributes the idea to a documentary about a small republic called Tuva, located in Siberia where the locals use Yak’s milk to produce a similar type of vodka. He’s previous innovations include an 1883 cheddar which was a winner at the World Cheese Awards.

Black Cow Vodka


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