Platform Crowdsources Medical Diagnoses

Platform Crowdsources Medical Diagnoses

CrowdMed helps identify undiagnosed illnesses through collective knowledge and a patented prediction market technology.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 17 april 2013

Startup company CrowdMed uses crowdsourced medical information and a patented prediction market technology to help diagnose rare diseases.

The Y Combinator-backed company was started by Jared Heyman, the guy behind internet survey company Infosurv. Heyman’s sister spent three years with a rare undiagnosed illness and he realized that he could use the same predictive survey technology to help people with undiagnosed diseases.

CrowdMed was created as an alternative for those who have gone from doctor to doctor, visited several clinics and hospitals, and spent a whole lot of money in trying to find out what they are sick of.

Users provide detailed information about rare conditions on CrowdMed. They include the history, background, symptoms, tests taken, anything else they can provide, and they do this anonymously. The CrowdMed platform then allows “medical detectives” work on the case together and come up with their diagnoses. CrowdMed takes their answers and with the patented predictive technology gives suggestions on what the illness might be.

The company is not designed to replace medical professionals but, rather, help them narrow down the options or give another opinion. In its private beta phase, the platform helped solve twenty real-life cases.

CrowdMed has already announced its public beta launch early this week.


Images via CrowdMed

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