Retailer Provides Custom Made To Measure Suits Online

Retailer Provides Custom Made To Measure Suits Online

Suitly lets shoppers get a fully tailored jacket, pants, and shirt using their interactive e-platform.

Ross Brooks
  • 8 april 2013

Suitly is an internet startup with it’s sights set on becoming the go-to destination for men looking to buy custom tailored clothing. The company’s optimism is clear in their motto.

“We are confident that once you give Suitly a try, you will never go back to the rack again!”

Getting a suit tailored can be a costly experience, both in terms of time and money. You have to book appointments, travel to the shop and deal with multiple rounds of alterations. Suitly aims to change all of that by making the process much more hassle-free.


Using a set of video tutorials, you’re able to take your own measurements accurately and use them when buying a suit online. You can then select any number of details about the item you’re buying, from the cuffs, right down to the lining.

All you have to do then, is wait 3 weeks for your clothes to be delivered. The company is so confident it will deliver a product you’re happy with that they even offer $75 dollars compensation if your clothes don’t fit how you expected them to.

With so many processes that used to be a big investment of time and money moving online, Suitly will come as a welcome addition for those looking to get their to-do list done without even leaving the house.



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