Service Tailors Email To The Device It’s Being Read On Before Opening

Service Tailors Email To The Device It’s Being Read On Before Opening

London-based start-up Kickdynamic has made flexible email a reality with its instantly updating software.

Betsy Mead
  • 5 april 2013

Despite avowals by tech titans such as Mark Zuckerberg, email is not dead. Rather, there may be a lot of scope to use it creatively, as Kickdynamic, a British company, has done.

With a new cross-platform service, users can find that whatever e-mail they open has been specially formulated to work best on the platform on which it will be read. This could be useful for professionals who use e-mail marketing extensively, as it would lend a more human face to missives that were most likely sent out in a huge blast, and at least make the reader feel like an individual rather than part of a larger group. Even more so, instant communications like Twitter and Facebook can be included as they appear, to satisfy the need for speed, as well as personalization. At time of writing, it is the only UK company to offer software of this nature.


Dynamic-updating technology is not exactly new. A New-York start up, Movable Ink, soft-launched a similar service back in 2011 and showcased it to the public at an NY Tech Meetup in September last year. PSFK highlighted it as one of Business Insider’s top 25 start-ups to watch in a previous article.

Kickdynamic takes several factors into account, while keeping in mind the need to make recipients feel that the content is being tailored to them as a person. Features include a countdown clock, useful if a great deal is ticking away, and the ability to highlight particular items, or events that might be influenced by the tech the consumer is using. For example, someone reading an email from a gadget store on a Mac might be pointed towards Mac cases. It can also provide location, country-specific information, map out the closest retail outlets  and even the amount of a particular product that a shop has left.


Its co-founder, Matt Hayes, said that a large part of the service’s conception and execution came from his own realization that there was a gap in the field of e-mail marketing. He said to The Next Web:

E-mail is here to stay, so let’s make it work better. Having worked in e-mail marketing for ten years, Kickdynamic is a service I have always wanted.

Companies interested in the technology will be pleased to know that it can be used on virtually all platforms. A slight snag with service on the iPad remains but should be remedied as the service develops. As for cost–the website shows a variety of pricing options, ranging from £3 sterling per 1000 impressions for small businesses to £49.99 for a starter analytics package.



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