Digital Resumes Search Twitter For Latest Job Postings

Digital Resumes Search Twitter For Latest Job Postings

Gozaik is geared towards young professionals and creates multimedia mosaic-style resumes for the social network.

Emma Hutchings
  • 4 april 2013

Gozaik is a social web application aimed at recent graduates and young professionals who are seeking jobs. It enables people to search and apply for positions via Twitter and create multimedia mosaic-style resumes.

The platform, which recently launched in Beta, looks to revolutionize the job search process. It aims to help people find jobs that are a perfect fit and aid employers in communicating their opportunities more efficiently.

Digital Resumes Harness Twitter For Social Job Search

The platform makes all jobs tweeted searchable within their system, and enables users to apply for jobs via Gozaik’s aggregated Twitter algorithm. Gozaik’s technology dissects, organizes, and structures the jobs tweeted daily by employers, and allows users to directly apply to a tweeted job using their Gozaik resume.

It also highlights candidates and employers who are “trending” across locations and fields, based on certain data points within an algorithm. Co-founder Joe Budzienski said:

There are two huge problems in the job market today. One is that recent graduates and young professionals seriously struggle to express how they’ll be able add value to a work place, and with how to effectively market themselves — especially in this economy where the competition is fierce. The other major issue is that tens of thousands of jobs are tweeted every day and there is no product that allows an easy ‘apply to’ option with a multimedia resume. It’s easier and more convenient for a recruiter to reply to your tweet than to pick up the phone all day. Twitter facilitates the quickest response possible. Gozaik solves both of these problems, allowing a platform for young job seekers to express who they are and the skills they possess, using the social media know-how they’ve acquired, and employers to receive a quick, clear, accurate snapshot of who a candidate actually is through Twitter.


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