Personalized 3D Printed Furniture Designed Using Buyer’s DNA

Personalized 3D Printed Furniture Designed Using Buyer’s DNA
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Dutch design company use cell mapping to create a new type of household item.

Ross Brooks
  • 5 april 2013

Dutch design company Tjep have been busy lately, with their modular dining table being featured on PSFK recently as well. In a similar vein, they are now working on furniture which can be mapped to your DNA — custom furniture like no other.

The founder of Tjep has been working alongside Eric Wolthuis, the founder of DutchDNA to produce these stunning creations. Eric’s own daughter was the subject of the piece featured at the top of this article. The table is called Darwin and was created using a swab of her DNA.

DNA mapping was originally going to be used to create pieces of jewelry, but soon after starting the project, the pair realized that it had much more potential than such small items. Frank Tjepkema has been working personally on these projects, using the DNA maps and as a baseline and then infusing them with enough creative insight to bring pieces of art to life.


So if you’re searching for the perfect complement to your new house, or looking for a piece of furniture with a personal touch, DNA mapping might be only way for you to achieve your goal.


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