Forensic Drawings Reveal Women’s Skewed View Of Their Appearance

Forensic Drawings Reveal Women’s Skewed View Of Their Appearance

Dove hired a sketch artist to create portraits of women, one based on their own description and one on that of a stranger.

Ross Brooks
  • 17 april 2013

Dove and the marketing firm Ogilvy have hired an FBI-trained forensics artist by the name of Gil Zamora to show just how skewed our perception is when it comes to our self-image. Gil has over 3,000 sketches to his name and demonstrates just how different we see ourselves when compared with a total stranger’s description.


Gil drew one picture based on the women’s description of themselves. Then he drew a second based on a stranger’s description. The differences were striking as can be seen from the picture below.


This experiment proves that Dove continues to lead the way when it comes to appreciating natural beauty and accepting the effects of ageing for what they are – a natural process. By doing so they continue to challenge the insanely high standards set by contemporary culture.



Check out the moving video below for a look inside the project.

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