ePop-Up Shop Challenges Online Shopping Traditions

ePop-Up Shop Challenges Online Shopping Traditions

Quitokeeto is an online store that's only open on occasion and for brief periods.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 4 april 2013

Virtual shopping has become even more interesting with the advent of the online pop-up store. Quitokeeto is an online shop that is open only on certain occasions and for a brief period of time. The online store is run by Heidi Swanson and Wayne Bremser and features a small collection of items that they have carefully selected. You will need to sign up on their mailing list to be one of the firsts to know when the web store opens, when there are new collections, or when there are new stocks of previous collections or old products.


The items for sale in the online shop are mostly related to food and kitchenware, but all are chosen based on a certain theme. Their first collection, for example, was  inspired by a Scandinavian 1940’s oil painting that had shades of blue and small simple shapes. Their second collection on the other hand features hints of yellow. According to their website, the themes for their collections are inspired by people, places, and items they encounter in their lives.


The concept of the popup online store is not exactly aligned with the traditional idea of ecommerce, but its very nature could very well be the differentiator that would make it popular or even successful. Having that sense of exclusivity or scarcity can potentially make it more appealing to customers.


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