Artist Adam Kennedy uses photographs to create maps of a 'visceral, imaginary world'.

Some people collect PEZ dispensers, others play tennis, Adam Kennedy’s hobby is taking pictures of flaky, rusting fire hydrants and transforming them into celestial bodies, forming a collection of photographs he calls Planet Universe.

Kennedy began taking pictures of round top fire hydrants on his walks to class at San Francisco State. He would then manipulate the images in Photoshop to turn the rust into oceans and create a planet from his imagination. It was nothing more than a hobby until he posted an image on reddit this past February, and it became the top headline of the day garnering over 50,000 likes and 1.5 million views. Kennedy has now become more focused on the project, starting an Indiegogo page to fund prints of his work and a 2014 calendar with the eventual goal of compiling a book of his ‘terraforming art’. With funding,  Kennedy says:

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