Flat-Pack Bicycle Ships With Its Own Tools [Video]

Flat-Pack Bicycle Ships With Its Own Tools [Video]
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'Sandwichbike' is an IKEA-like alternative to bike building and shipping that can be assembled at home.

Emma Hutchings
  • 25 april 2013

The ‘Sandwichbike‘ is a bicycle made out of two wooden panels that join together without the need for welding joints. These weather-coated frames of layered plywood and the components are bonded together using “smart cylinders,” becoming a rock-solid piece of technology that is eye-catching and durable.

Designed by Basten Leijh, the bike was inspired by the concept of flat packing and home assembly. The contemporary design is an IKEA-like alternative to bike building and shipping.

50 Part Flat-Packed Bicycle Shipped With Its Own Tools [Video]

Delivered in 50 parts inside a small, flat cardboard box, the Sandwichbike can be assembled at home with a few basic tools. Everything needed to build it is included in the box, so it can be put together straight away.

The thrill of building your own Sandwichbike is only matched by taking it for a spin. Whether you head downtown, cycle around the park or go cruising down the boulevard, you’ll feel the excitement of this smooth ride. Just remember, we can’t be held accountable for all the extra attention you’ll get.

You can check out the Sandwichbike coming together piece by piece in the video below:


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