Local Gas Station Offers Haircuts While Filling The Tank

Local Gas Station Offers Haircuts While Filling The Tank

Entrepreneur plans to open multi-purpose mobile salons across Germany.

Ross Brooks
  • 16 april 2013

A German entrepreneur by the name of Ralph Mehlmann has started offering haircuts via his mobile salon in Constance, Germany this year. The idea is simple (and bizarre) – when you’re filling up your car or getting it washed, you can take care of one more task by getting your hair cut.

The idea came from the fact Ralph never had time to go to the salon but often had to go to the petrol station to fill his car up. So he thought – why not combine the two?


Germany’s professional body for hairdressing and cosmetics isn’t convinced – especially as there are already salons offering a quick haircut – but is happy to see how the service pans out. Ralph is undeterred and already has plans to open 10 mobile salons this year, and 100 the next.

Whether or not the idea will take off remains to be seen, but at least it’s a great example fo entrepreneurs thinking outside the box and taking the chance to try something new.


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