Gas Station As Public Light Installation [My Ideal City]

Gas Station As Public Light Installation [My Ideal City]
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Dutch architects wants go encourage people to visit sites and interact with each other.

Ross Brooks
  • 25 april 2013

Gas stations have never been something to write home about but French architect Sophie Valla has turned two fill-up points from the 1980’s into a breathtaking display of lighting.

Currently working out of the Netherlands, Sophie’s work uses lighting to achieve the desired effect, with many of her projects using luminescent lights to draw the viewer in. These two petrol stations use LED panels and spotlights to achieve an artificial sky effect, hence the name LED cloud.


This particular project serves as an attraction for many people who are  looking for a more economical way to spend their time, with money considered in short supply, due to the current economic climate. Sophie’s installation features concrete furniture to encourage people to visit and interact with each other.


What was once a baron section of land, is now a piece of art and a point of pride for many.

Sophie Valla

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